About Jake Middleton & 116 Fitness

     Welcome to the website of 116 Fitness in Hinesburg, Vermont! My name is Jake Middleton, and this gym, is my dream. Being an athlete, all my life not only motivated me to pursue a career in physical fitness but also to share the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle with as many people as I can. I am a graduate of the university of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance Exercise Science with focuses on Disability Sports, Nutrition, and Business. Over time I have also earned my personal training certification through the nationally accredited organization, The American Council on Exercise. Being an athlete throughout my life not only motivated me to pursue a career in physical fitness which has reinforced the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, includes balancing all aspects of wellness.

     One piece of my dream was building this gym, and the next leg of the adventure includes sharing my skill, and enabling others, to lead healthy lifestyles. As with most things in life, success begins with a plan, and achievable individual goals. My expertise lies in helping my clients map out a diet and excercise program that works for them, and enables them to find success. Above all else, living a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable and rewarding. 116 Fitness in Hinesburg, VT is here to give you the tools to develop confidence and consistency with your wellness goals, that are sustainable in the long run.

How can I help you get started on your wellness journey?


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